Saturday, February 12, 2011

~EdiT Cute Theme TaskBar~ (only in Windows 7)

The Pink-Leo Theme is only for Windows 7 x86 32 bit.

How to use the theme:
-Put the Pink-Leo Folder and the Pink-leo.theme to c:\windows\resources\themes!
Then go to Desktop Personalize & apply Pink-Leo!

How to use the Pink start orb:
-replace the Bitmap with original one in the explorer.exe.

How to the pink back, forward, close and minimize buttons:
-replace the ExplorerFrame.dll with original one in c:\windows\system32


This Visual Style/theme is copyright By : Hardstylekitty
~klik link ni tu memuat turun~


  1. ala.. Yana pakai window xp.. huhuhu...

  2. i can't download it. why? :( i want your theme taskbar so badly.. pls help me! :(